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Custom Aluminum Case

Custom aluminum cases are designed for durable, lightweight, stylish transport and suitable for professional packing needs.

KASSCIO Cases has an effective excellent control system for custom aluminum carrying case, aluminum cosmetic case, maintenance tool case, instrument case, equipment case, heavy duty case and full aluminum welded case etc. with 18 years experience, our engineers can guide you through the custom design process to build a custom case that exceeds your expectations and meets your every requirement. 

Custom foam interiors can add the finishing touch since we have top grade laser cutting machine and CNC router which ensure the accuracy of foam dimension. All exteriors can be customized to your exact requirements including branding logo, colors, a range of hardware and packaging options.

  We usually have two styles of custom aluminum cases: one is usual aluminum case, the frame is aluminum and panel is MDF+ABS or aluminum. Another one is pure aluminum case, nearly all parts of the case is aluminum. For usual aluminum case, they are more flexible. products can be manufactured according to your detail requirement,such as dimension, material, color and so on. For example, custom interiors can be designed to your exact requirements, for a specific laptop, camera, gun, tools and much more.

  If you need custom aluminum case, we do not need to change the mould, we just need to confirm which aluminum frame meets your requirements better.

  KASSICO have several advantages:

- All cases you need are customized equal to your requirements;

- High quality aluminum alloys and other raw materials purchased from best suppliers;

- Handles, locks, panels, foams are all in high quality and can be used for long term;

- Aluminum alloy and ABS material or full aluminum material make our cases lighter yet more durable, sturdier and stronger.

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