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Heavy Duty Aluminum Case

Heavy duty aluminum case are designed for extreme duty use in every possible situation. They are easy to transport and also offers maximum protection for your equipments including machinery, engines, precise instrument, electronic equipments, munitions and so on. Whether in extreme weather or different atmospheric pressure they still can provide great protection for your precious items. 

With years of experience in the design and manufacture of cases for many applications, KASSICO has the case to meet your specifications. We have perfected an expertise for manufacturing protective aluminum cases for a variety of contents.

KASSICO have been manufacturing aluminum cases for over 18 years. We've solved some of the most challenging custom situations one can imagine. We specialize in manufacturing aluminum hard cases, heavy duty aluminum cases, aluminum carrying cases, aluminum road cases, aluminum tool cases, etc.

We only use high quality aluminum alloys and other raw materials purchased from best suppliers which make our cases durable and can used for long term.