Aluminum Instrument Case

Aluminum instrument cases are made to carry, move, or ship your valuable instrument. They are used in medical, musical, teaching and electronic instruments including audio equipment, speaker, recording equipment, mobile test, measure instrument, engineering instrument, medical diagnostic equipment, medicine, vaccine and other sensitive tools.

KASSICO has specialized in manufacturing aluminum instrument cases for over 18 years. We can custom size, colour, printings, logo, and most importantly of instrument cases, foam. aluminum instrument cases must have foam that completely match the products, we have reliable foam suppliers that make sure the foam in best shape.

KASSICO aluminum instrument cases have several advantages:

* All cases you need are customized equal to your requirements;

* High quality aluminum alloys and other raw materials purchased from best suppliers;

* Handles, locks, panels, foams are all in high quality and can be used for long term;

* Aluminum alloy and ABS material make our cases lighter yet more durable, sturdier and stronger.

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