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Aluminum Tool Box

The aluminum tool box is made of all-aluminum alloy material, the aluminum plate thickness from 1.5mm to 2.0mm with check plate or flat plate,  with light weight, strong load-bearing capacity, beautiful appearance and reasonable design structure. Due to the unique characteristics of the aluminum alloy toolbox, the technology content is getting higher and higher, which has a better protection effect on the transportation and use of the product. It is an ideal box for various high-end products.

The aluminum toolbox can be perfectly installed on pickup trucks, trailers, UTE, caravans, tractor and garage, etc. to store a variety of tools, such as loading and unloading tools, wood boards, safety chains, jacks, wrenches, crowbars, and even vacations. Camping supplies.

* High strength, corrosion resistant aluminum toolbox.
* Lightweight aluminum material to reduce weight gain on trailers or trucks.
* Securely store your device.
* High quality and durable appearance, rarely need to be repaired.

OEM & ODM service
* Can be made in 1.5mm to 2.0mm aluminu plate, as check plate, diamound plate or flat plate,
* Can be made in a variety of sizes, any size can be customized
* Clean the bright aluminum color, also surface treatments such as black, gray and white.
* Can be made into various styles and shapes according to requirements.
* Can meet various accessories, LOGO, packing other requirements