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Plastic Case

KASSICO plastic cases have been designed to keep your delicate equipment safe from impact, water, moisture, dust and able to withstand harsh environments and shock. Thermal insulation is also available when using the supplied foam layers, perfect for transporting sensitive equipment such as photography equipment, electronics, satellite communication equipment, GPS, computers, defence and military equipment. KASSICO case are supplied with internal pre-cubed foam layers also commonly known as PicknPluck foam for the end user to easily configure the inner space according to their requirements.

1. Made by injection molding of engineering plastics(ABS or PP alloy) with high impact resistance , lightweight,tough and durable.
2. IP67, dustproof, watertight and antiseptic, and effectively protect the equipment in the case even in severe environment.
3. With the multilayer foam cut into cubed pattern in advance, easier to customize various cavities.
4. A pressure release valve with sealing ring in the front side of the case, which used for manually adjusting the pneumatic pressure in the case.
5.The latch of the case is an high strength injection moulded part, and it will be unbreakable even if it receives relatively big impact.
6. Area for sticking LOGO at both the bottom of case body and the top of cover
7. With a bezel kit available, the bezel kit must be ordered serparately.