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How to choose aluminum box panel

2021-04-12 16:19:22

The following are the three major classifications of aluminum box panels commonly used in the market according to different materials:

1. ABS resin is a copolymer of three monomers: styrene (S), acrylonitrile (A) and butadiene (B).

ABS resin can change the various properties of ABS resin by changing the ratio of the above three components; at the same time, it maintains the easy processability and excellent electrical properties of styrene; it has high surface hardness, high strength, and good pressure resistance. Elasticity and corrosion resistance, good chemical resistance;

2. PC is the abbreviation of polycarbonate, PC engineering plastic for short. PC material is actually one of the engineering plastics we call. As a material widely used worldwide, it is also more commonly used in aluminum box construction;

3. ABS+PC, commonly known as ABS plus polycarbonate. It is one of the few materials that may be used in China. It cannot be spontaneously combusted. When burning in an external fire, small particles like polycarbonate will be deposited on the surface. The black is lower than ABS. It is common in electrical devices and mechanical parts.

At present, the quality of aluminum boxes on the market is uneven, and the materials used for the box boards are even more diverse. However, only the box boards made of the above three materials are qualified box boards, and only qualified, high-quality box boards can be manufactured. Quality aluminum box body.


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