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Why instrument case need waterproof case protection?

2020-11-13 12:09:08

The instrument protection case is a kind of case for safety protection devices. Many companies in the tool industry will use this box. Putting precise instruments in the case can play a good role in protecting the instrument from external forces such as friction and impact during transportation. From the current market point of view, there are many materials, models and products of instrument protection case, so how to choose a more suitable protection case? What problems should be paid attention to in the process of purchasing protection case?

   the instrument must be waterproof, moisture-proof, low temperature resistant and impact resistant in the box, which can provide high-quality performance conditions of water-proof, moisture-proof, low-temperature resistance, wear-resistance and impact resistance.

   the main body of the protective box is composed of the bottom and cover of the box connected by the whole hinge, and the accessories are composed of buckle, handle, sealing ring and air vent valve. For some large boxes, pull rod and ground wheel are also required. Shockproof and anti falling are the basic requirements of the instrument box, and the anti shock technology and compression technology of the instrument case are mainly reflected in the design and manufacture of the instrument case.

In order to improve the safety of instruments and equipment inside the case and reduce the impact force in the transportation process, all the inside of the instrument box is filled with EVA shockproof foam. The drawings are drawn according to the peripheral dimensions of the equipment, and the equipment is embedded in the foam. The instrument is equipped with excellent shockproof and compressive protection. EVA shockproof foam, composite foam, easy to process and shape. Through the drawings, the use of professional CNC equipment into the feasible cutting production.


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